Stuff I Like

As someone who likes cool gadgets and electronics, a homeowner who constantly needs to do renovations and repairs, a husband who's wife runs a plant nursery, and a parent of a teenage son, I constantly have to buy stuff to solve problems.

These are likely affiliate links. I get a cut if you end up buying something. You know how this works.

Lawn & Garden

Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator We live in Florida. Florida has hurricanes. Hurricanes cause power outages. I think you can connect the dots. The bonus on this being that it can run off either gas or propane, and can either run things off extension cords or go directly into the home electric via a transfer switch.

Radius Root Slayer Shovel I'm about halfway through removing about 40 old half-dead hedges from the yard. Which means about 40 stumps to dig out, along with a lot of invasive vines that created this problem to begin with. This has been a godsend for just destroying the underground roots we've dealt with. tl;dr it's not a catchy name, this thing slays roots.

Breathable Rubber Coated Garden Gloves I've got gloves for heavy duty work, but those aren't really meant for the Florida outdoors when I'm in the yard or garden doing something. These waterproof gloves provide great cover and make it so I my hands don't get caked in dirt and bugs. Which is better.


Saker Mini Chainsaw This thing is simply awesome. Like, it shouldn't be as good for how cheap it is. I actually own two of them, so my wife and I could tag-team some large landscaping projects. This thing is light, the battery life is pretty good, and the replacement chains are dirt-cheap. You can cut trees down with this.

Home & Kitchen

Low Profile Window Fan & Exhaust We have two of these in the house. At times, the humidity inside gets above what either of us find comfortable, so keeping these on "exhaust" mode running low keeps that under control. And when the air outside is nice, switching it over takes a single button press.

Collapsible Folding Wagon This gets used for everything around the house. Personally, it helps getting all the groceries out of the truck and into the house on one trip, as things melt quickly here. Also, it's great for hauling bags of water softener salt around the side to the garage without having to lug a bunch of 40lb bags by hand.


Technivorm Moccamaster If you care about your coffee, it's worth the money. I got my first one in 2013, and I only "replaced" it when I got a larger quantity one when my wife moved in. And I absolutely saved the first one. It brews quickly, has no settings other than the on button, and it makes a perfect pot every time. I personally have one with the carafe, as the glass pot on a burn plate ruins the coffee.

Breville Smart Grinder Pro Don't let the "smart" label interfere. This isn't connected to the internet or use an app. It's a legit professional grade grinder that I've had since 2017 and it's a champ. This was recommended to me by a friend in Australia who takes his coffee even more seriously than I do.