Welcome to my website. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.


My name is Andrew (he/him), but most people simply know me by my last name Norcross. I work as a Principal Software Architect at Lone Rock Point, a government and public-sector focused web development agency.


I'm a web application developer, writing primarily PHP and JavaScript. Since my first exposure in 2005, the vast majority of my career has been spent working with WordPress. Since that time I have written and released numerous open-source plugins, along with client work and contributions to larger projects.


Beginning in March 2021, I have been the lead application developer for NASA's Flagship website www.nasa.gov and their new streaming service, NASA+. Previously, I've worked with the New York Times, GitHub, NewRelic, The Soros Foundation, NextDraft, and countless others to build custom web applications on top of WordPress.


Prior to my career in software development, I worked in the finance industry for nearly 10 years as an accountant, pricing specialist, and fiduciary asset manager. I happily left the industry in 2009. I also did a few tours of duty in the restaurant / hospitality industry. And I once dug ditches for a living.


While I'm very happy with my current role, I do occasionally take on freelance projects that are a good fit. My specialty is building "single use" utility plugins for developers and site owners to better manage their own sites, bespoke plugins to fit the unique needs of larger individual sites, and WordPress specific consulting. Think I can help you too? email me.


I currently reside in Tampa, Florida, having been a Floridian nearly my entire life. When I'm not in front of a screen, I can usually be found helping my wife with her plant nursery, raising my (currently teenage) son, working on a home renovation project, building a LEGO set, going to a concert, or spending time with our dogs.