You Are Not Hardcore

Norcross Jun 13th, 2010General Ramblings

That's a x-ray of the bullet. I have an x-ray of the metal in my hip, and it's kind of shaped like a gun. That's the closest thing I've got. Folks wear their jobs as a badge of honor. How many hours they put in. How much of their lives they set to a single goal / task and claim it loud and proud. Their start-up is their entire life, blah blah blah. Hell, I’ve even made reference to the fact that for quite a while, I got 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. But that was more out of habit and lack of focus than anything else.

This isn’t about them, though. It’s not about me, either. This is about someone who actually has done things worth mentioning.

Ladies and gentleman, I present Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th President.

  • In 1912, he was shot in the chest during a speech. So like any normal person, he proceeded to deliver the speech with the bullet still in him. He left the bullet in his body until his death seven years later. He knew that since he wasn’t coughing up blood, the bullet hadn’t penetrated his lungs. Which means, for those scoring at home, he thought about it and MADE A DECISION about a bullet in his chest.
  • As governor of New York, he boxed with sparring partners several times a week, a practice he regularly continued as President until one blow detached his left retina, leaving him blind in that eye (a fact not made public until many years later).
  • As police chief of New York City, he would often walk the officer’s late night beats just to see if they were indeed working
  • Created the Meat Inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug Act (basically, you can’t sell poison or spoiled meat. Yes, that used to be legal)

There are quite a few other things. He was pretty famous. People knew him. So the next time you read a self-serving blog post about someone who thinks they are hardcore, remember this: they aren’t working with a bullet in their chest.

5 Responses to “You Are Not Hardcore”

  1. DShan

    It’s funny when people find music so inspiring that they can’t seem to get our there and write their own songs.

    Great post, man. People seem to think that image is something other than what you’ve accomplished. In the end, the record never lies.

  2. TOPolk

    “…for those scoring at home, he thought about it and MADE A DECISION about a bullet in his chest. ”

    That’s gangsta.

    • Ruth

      I hope to god I’m never quite that hardcore, mostly because I don’t want to get shot in the first place. But I am impressed by TR.

  3. James Schipper

    You think Teddy was tough? Go read stuff about Andrew Jackson. That dude was in 13 duels. In one, he knew his opponent was a good shot. So that he could take careful aim, he decided to let the other guy shoot first. The guy shot him in the ribs, but he was able to aim carefully while the other guy was reloading, and killed him. They never tired to remove the bullet because it was too close to his heart to risk it.

    It’s way too easy to become president nowadays. These guys were seriously hardcore.