My #wcphx wrap-up (and some code!)

Norcross Feb 3rd, 2011Code Jams

Long story short: I had a blast at WordCamp Phoenix. Not only did I get a chance to meet a lot of awesome folks in the WP community that I’ve gotten to know digitally over the last year, but I got to finally get myself out there amongst the people knee-deep in the WP world I’ve been living in for the last 18 months. Good food, an awesome event (Amanda and Chuck did a PHENOMENAL job), and just a great time in the desert (although my sinuses didn’t care for it).

My presentation, “Custom Post Type, Taxonomy and Meta Field Integration” (which you can see here) had a few questions afterwards, mainly regarding the loop and RSS feed, and setting up meta boxes. So, without any further chit-chat, here’s the code:

To include a custom post type into your default loop

Including all CPTs in your default RSS feed

Including some CPTs in your default RSS feed

Setting up meta boxes for multiple input types

This code block is pretty big (and involves some extra code, courtesy of Bill Erickson and Jared Atchison), so I’ve put it up as a zip file. it’s now up on GitHub You can grab it here

So anything else you wish you could see? Questions?

One Response to “My #wcphx wrap-up (and some code!)”

  1. Jon Bishop

    Awesome man, I’m looking forward to my first WordCamp a few months off in July.

    Sweet presentation tho. Thought I would link to the register_post_type documentation for others to see how to set up their custom post types to begin with. There are plugins that can do it but I like doing it myself to get full control of the output. One of my favorite, tho small, features is being able to edit the labels on the custom post type.

    Once again, good job man.