Remove post revisions weekly via WP-Cron

Post revisions are something that, while I’m sure are useful for others, I’ve never found much use for them. They can add unnecessary bloat to the database, and confuse users who aren’t sure what to do with them. I cringe when I start cleaning up an existing site and I find thousands of post revisions […]

Norcross Dec 18th, 2012functions file

Checking WordPress versions for plugin settings

With every major release of WordPress, there are bound to be elements that theme and plugin authors have to account for. A version check can allow you to offer new features while still keeping others in the loop.

Norcross Dec 7th, 2012WP Core

Stop hyperlinking images!

While I’m sure there is a reason for it, I’ve never needed it. WordPress will automatically link your images to themselves on upload by default. Here’s a quick way to change that.

Norcross Dec 19th, 2011functions file

Obfuscate email addresses with a shortcode

Want to display your email address with a straightforward link, but don’t want to leave it wide open for spam bots and harvesters? Well, this shortcode may be exactly what you need.

Norcross Nov 28th, 2011shortcodes