Include last modified date on posts and page columns

While publish date and author are useful (and often needed), sites with a larger editorial process and multiple people involved may need a bit more information. While the data is usually available in the individual post editor (if enabled), it can be hard to tell at a glance what’s been updated, when, and by whom. […]

Remove WP Link Manager

As you may know, the Link Manager was removed in WordPress 3.5. For most people, this went unnoticed, since it wasn’t heavily used and basically was a relic from the past. The admin sidebar item should be disabled on all new installs. However, for older sites that still had the default links entered (because who […]

Restrict wp-login to specific query string

You can’t throw a stick into the WordPress community without finding a lot of information about security. Hack this, exploit that, the list goes on.

Remove post revisions weekly via WP-Cron

Post revisions are something that, while I’m sure are useful for others, I’ve never found much use for them. They can add unnecessary bloat to the database, and confuse users who aren’t sure what to do with them. I cringe when I start cleaning up an existing site and I find thousands of post revisions […]