remove WordPress SEO columns from post table

The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is fantastic for WordPress site owners. But if the data is crowding your post table, there is a solution.

Include last modified date on posts and page columns

While publish date and author are useful (and often needed), sites with a larger editorial process and multiple people involved may need a bit more information. While the data is usually available in the individual post editor (if enabled), it can be hard to tell at a glance what’s been updated, when, and by whom. […]

Remove WP Link Manager

As you may know, the Link Manager was removed in WordPress 3.5. For most people, this went unnoticed, since it wasn’t heavily used and basically was a relic from the past. The admin sidebar item should be disabled on all new installs. However, for older sites that still had the default links entered (because who […]