This Blog is Called Restless Like Me and I’m Currently Bored.

Norcross Jul 24th, 2009General Ramblings

As such, I am restless….?

The president got in on today’s press briefing and asked a bunch people to get off of that Cambridge cop dude’s lawn. I wish them all the best.

The other day I found my 8th grade year book and came up with a fun game. The game goes like this:

1. Open up two web browser windows.

2. Direct those web browsers to two websites. A) Facebook. B) The arrest inquiry website for the county in which your middle school presided.

3. Go through your year book and see if you can guess the website that each former classmate is listed under. The more you get right, the better, obviously!

4. Scoring is as such: 2 pts for every right answer on which website they are featured on. You get 2 extra points for correct guesses on the college they attended. 1 extra point for the correct guess in major.  If they are on the arrest inquiry website you get 2 points for every correct guess of the criminal offense. This is individual offenses though. You do not get 4 points for guessing one DUI and they got two. You had to guess two DUIs to get 4 points. You also get 4 points if you can correctly guess the number of times they’ve been arrested. There are no deduction of points for wrong answers. Do we really need to be penalizing people any more? I mean, it’s a fucking game right? Have some fun. One time!

What I found most striking about this game was not that my score was ridiculously higher than all of my competitors, in part because I think I was in a class with an unusually high amount of delinquents. But, that the black kids I went to middle school with were so insanely more likely to have multiple arrests for possession of marijuana.Which of course is pretty crazy when you consider how many white kids are pot heads too.

I think BHO is really bothered by the disparity in incarceration rates, which is why he got sidetracked during his health care press conference and started talking about that Cambridge cop dude. And, after playing my little game, I can see why.Shit’s crazy.

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