Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem

  (note: this was originally posted in November 2007. Funny how things work out in two years, doesn’t it) There are a lot of reasons why I work for a large company, as opposed to a start up or myself. And it isn’t because I enjoy falling in line with the company “vision”, or enjoy […]

Norcross Nov 20th, 2009General Ramblings

A Wordsmith

Instead of railing against something I’m pissed off about, I thought I’d rather just quickly leave a description of one of my favorite local bands Nessie. How they describe their music: That feeling you get when, after stopping off for one cold beer after work, you suddenly realize you’re on your sixth cold beer and […]

Norcross Nov 11th, 2009General Ramblings

Maine, Gay Marriage, and a Black Heart

So the voters in Maine repealed the same sex marriage law. This isn’t the first time a state has either banned gay marriage, or repealed a law on the books. I am serious when I say that I feel ashamed for my fellow man. The fact that people will make the effort to deny others […]

Norcross Nov 4th, 2009General Ramblings

Bastards Of Young

I was reading some blog archives, and came across a post about friendship and how it relates to a career. I thought about it. And I came to the conclusion that my friends have helped me immensely, but not in the ways most people would imagine. I came the following conclusions, and have found them […]

Norcross Oct 29th, 2009General Ramblings