So It Goes

I’ve always considered death to be the great equalizer. Regardless of who you are, your background, income, social status, etc. you will eventually die. This morning, one of those people was my grandfather Norman. While I usually use this blog as a forum to piss and rant about things that, while interesting, aren’t really relevant […]

Norcross Jul 18th, 2011General Ramblings

Designing The Hate Lifestyle

To many people, the whole idea of ‘lifestyle design’ seems absurd. And not for the reason many people in that community think. It’s not because of the ideas behind it, rather, it’s many of the people promoting it. Now, not all of them are bad. I’ve personally worked with, met and spent time with a […]

Norcross Jan 3rd, 2011General Ramblings

Yes, I’m a Dad. I’m also a weird dude.

As I was avoiding some of my work the other day, I came across this post over at Scary Mommy. The gist of it was a mother (a guest post) explaining why she wasn’t OK with her child’s 4th grade teacher being “openly” gay. (As opposed to being “closed” which means…????). I left a long-winded […]

Norcross Nov 6th, 2010General Ramblings