3 Responses to “Politics? No Thanks”

  1. Jim Munro

    That’s one of the best uses for the Wall Street Journal I’ve ever heard of. 😉

    I feel some of the same apathy as you feel, and I’m sure there are many others who share it. What a great way to keep the rabble in line by making them feel apathetic about the system. It’s no accident, I assure you, it’s baked into the current system.

    But rather than talk about politics, I’ll end here… 🙂

  2. Ruth

    I have opinions but I’ve found that the more I can keep them under wraps, the more enjoyable conversations I have, at least if the other party is willing to do the same. I just quietly unfollow people on Twitter from time to time if their political tweets are stressing me out.

    I do sometimes tweet about gay rights because it’s a subject that’s very important to me since my little sister is a lesbian and I want her to have the same rights regarding marriage that I do (though I’m all for the govt stepping back on all marriage and only doing civil unions for everyone, which is all I think they have the power to do anyway).