Plugin Contest!

Norcross Mar 29th, 2012Code Jams

A few weeks back, I was watching Trading Places and tweeted a few of my favorite lines. People responded with some of their own, and laughs were shared. A good friend of mine Joe Hall DM’d me with an idea. He wanted to bet one dollar on something ridiculous. After a bit of back and forth, we decided that a plugin contest would be the best thing.

So we’re having a contest. And the winner (other than Joe or myself) is each of you. And you have to do exactly…nothing. No entry. No money. No nothing.


  • Contest begins April 1st.
  • No rules on functionality, purpose, etc. Just has to be a working plugin.
  • The plugin has to be completed and in the WordPress repository by midnight on April 30th.
  • Once completed, we will allow a week for voting.
  • That’s pretty much it.

Loser pays winner $1. The Duke brothers would approve.

I would bet you a dollar we would not be friends if you did not know what this picture meant.