let's go Back To The Future where my kids are still little.
the only star worth a damn.
she's 7 now. not sure exactly what's next.
just chillin' after my CCL surgery. no big deal.
givin this stuff a spin. it's pretty darn tasty!
finally sitting down to build this little LEGO masterpiece.
so that happened.
yes humans, I shall sleep here for the night.
yes tiny person I will hold your glowing handthing.
Toby sits like a frog. like a 75lb frog.
pups adjusting pretty good to each other, well, existing.
I like this floor.
you mean I get to STAY HERE???
the crime scene. Moose realized they were goddamn potatoes and stopped.
I don't know how you all see it, but when it comes to the children, Wu-Tang is for the children.
Moose had a ponder, it seems.
filed under
Rollin' with the Moose
party on Wayne. party on Garth.
hey, it's sarcasmically being sportsball!
so sarcasmically got new office art. NAME THAT FILM!!
my amazing wife got me a new (old) coffee mug and life is good.
apparently my kids are prepping for the Nerf-acolypse.
so FaceFace got the older iPod from her brother and is now texting and God help us all.
leaving Minneapolis. fancy time is over.
I am guarding my people from things. this is important.
more home improvement is happening. we're gonna get this houe
Moose gave me a high-five this morning. So I got that going for me.
Moose is on the case. not sure what the case is, but he's on it.
my wife shames bad food.
hall monitor Moose
test driving the #wctpa mug and it's legit.
my 6 year old daughter made a donut with hair because of course she did.
finally breaking open this bad boy.
birthday gift from my folks: a limited edition rare Star Wars book. AAHHH YYEEEAAHHH
guess who has two thumbs and found their really old lego sets? THIS GUY
new genesisdesignpro swag? with our new logo? why yes. yes it is.
this is a thing now. good job everyone.
trainin' the kids. (it's not coffee, don't worry)
ask not for whom the Moose tolls. it tolls for thee.
watch as Moose never lets the bread hit the ground.
FaceFace before her first day of 1st grade yesterday. STOP GROWING UP!
my new mug arrived.
a little after dinner reading
good morning MR. BREAKFAST
someone modded a Suburban and a Mack truck because 'MURICA!!
littleman making a balloon animal. yes, it looks like a penis.
digging through my old lego collection at my folks house, found Benny and his buddies.
been rocking the plaid since the beginning #tbt
let's do it Thursday.
littleman finished another Lego build. he's a damn machine.
in case you were wondering, yes sarcasmically keeps her candy stored like a science lab.
two new monitors (and cables) later, Norcross CommandCenter™ 4.0 is up and running.
digging through my box of random computer shit and found this fossil
another successful Lego Saturday: Star Wars AT-AP
someone is excited that his little people are coming home tomorrow!!
this littleman is gonna be 7 next week. NOT SUPPOSED TO GROW UP DAMN IT.
ice cream marshmallows are a thing and they are beautiful.
fun fact: my dad's haircut as a young man inspired the Lego minifig cut.
I've had this mug for over 20 years now.
some fancy espresso to pregame #frontendconf
SPACESHIP!!! (and littleman)
the helmet comes pre-cracked. good attention to detail lego
the two biggest loves in my life...together!
helpful Lego man is helpful.
folks, sarcasmically wasn't kidding when she said she was cleaning in roller skates.
baseball with sarcasmically. the things she does for me.
don't ever say that the Norcross home isn't filled with classy art.
spaceship spaceship SPACESHIP
don't worry person, I'll drive.
littleman Lego Sunday
some extra Simpsons Lego swag I picked up at the register yesterday.
if you'll pay close attention, you'll see Han shot first.
waiting for liftoff on the skyride
littleman is excited. fun will be had.
snapped this at #beachpress. apparently in Oregon they do hand / crab replacement surgery on children.
got my new darkmattercoffee mug!!
found an old family picture at my parent. MEMBERS ONLY JACKET FTW
helped move grandma into an ALF last night. got one of gramp's old mugs in exchange. I'll take it.
some Moose lovin with sarcasmically
Moose has the opposite of a stiff upper lip
we got Moose some special dog ice cream because we've become
so FaceFace shared some art with us. she calls it
someone made this on CafePress and sent it to me. I don't know who, but they are amazing.
made a cutoff sleeved shirt for my daughter because AMERICA
riding out for haircuts with littleman
....and done
sometimes you gotta say
remember when I found the racist plantation mural wallpaper in my house? GOOD TIMES!
my 55lb napping lap dog.
Barnaby: the sunbasset
Barnaby required cuddles. I was not in a position to say no.
Barnaby and FaceFace enjoying some cartoon time. as you do.
someone's a hugger!
so...we have a new rescue basset. say hello to Barnaby.
umm guys? sarcasmically made MINI SMORE PIES and she wins life.
delivery #2. my wallet is empty but finally some nice appliances.
new shit! #homeownerboner
all office art finally hung. apparently I'm one Star Wars art piece short.
21 years old and under the influence of numerous drugs and booze. #tbt
pretty sweet that sarcasmically lets me have pr0n mags sent to the house.
this face is ready for relaxation. can't let a small stoke interfere with 3rd nap of the day.
now I can finally start building my Lego sets again, since they can have a place to go when done.
damn right it is.
found this in my art pile. don't remember buying it. I seem to have a lot of Star Wars art.
finally figured out what to do with those green stirring things from Starbucks.
munchin on the lawn. as you do. #pigstagram
I'm still a lap pig, daddy! #pigstagram
someone didn't wanna let go of their blankey #pigstagram
I've set the over / under at 14 for when this one causes me to stroke out.
Daisy is snugglin' to avoid the cold. work be damned. #pigstagram
they each had their toy. not sure who was mirroring who.
Daisy nappin with mommy #pigstagram
Daisy having a morning snack #pigstagram
hey Mama, got something for me? #pigstagram
Daisy is really into the Globes #pigstagram
gettin' some Daisy snuggles #pigstagram
FRIENDSHIP (Burt has a new home with a new best friend)
belly runs? belly rubs.
daddy's little Sith Lord
someone was not happy about having to go potty before Justified #pigstagram
sleeping dog house
looks like Burt is adjusting just fine.
what's over here?
Burt is checkin new things out.
makin' faces with FaceFace
my latest rstevens333 mug in the collection
Daisy does not care that I have work to so #pigstagram
FaceFace is getting her derp on.
my ladies are roller tough
soon to be queen of the selfies
looks like I'll be busy for the next forever.
Maya the red nosed hyper child
daddy got new Star Wars Legos!
so...it's a drum set?
Christmas Eve with the wee one.
Daisy is chair nappin' in her Christmas blanket #pigstagram
old man Moose is getting some rubbins
dog bed? I don't see any dogs. #pigstagram
daddy's little patient
someone's having a birthday! #pigstagram
check out sarcasmically 's new Christmas swag!
I came here for two things: rootin' grass and snugglin'. and I'm out of grass. #pigstagram
even Daisy wants in on the coffee action #pigstagram
verdict? best coffee maker I've ever had.
coming in from a morning root of the yard #pigstagram
Daisy loves playing Hungry Hungry Hippos #pigstagram
and our tree topper, a few years running now
we love the holidays
prepping for the Norcross holiday card photo
the ham overate #pigstagram
Daisy made herself a blanket peek hole #pigstagram
all tucked in #pigstagram
how our kitchen welcomes guests
go ahead and get comfortable, Daisy #pigstagram
Daisy is getting some grooming #pigstagram
now its properly hung
so Daisy went and made her own bedding on the couch #pigstagram
Daisy does not like cold #pigstagram
sunpig #pigstagram
Nobody's Darlings
The War
Chain Link Fence
Kiss the Bottle
so much ugly carpet.
apparently we have faux brick flooring in the house
the boy is a beanstalk for his school day
Daisy pretty much demands now that I tuck her in at night. in my recliner #pigstagram
hoodie on a pig? HOODIE ON A PIG. #pigstagram
the pups keeping an eye on the sickboy
snugglin' with her pony. because of course. #pigstagram
fuck your pumpkin spice whatever, THIS is the season to get excited about.
pensive Daisy is pensive #pigstagram
Daisy likes her blanket #pigstagram
I caught Daisy spooning sarcasmically #pigstagram
drunk on grass and lookin' for love #pigstagram
caught sarcasmically and Daisy chair nappin' #pigstagram
and so it begins.
SNUGGLES! NOW! #pigstagram
Old Man Moose
snugglin' with mamma #pigstagram
proof that at one point in my life, I voluntarily did shit outdoors. and SPORTSBALL #tbt
nap near kitchen, get food? #pigstagram
swim day. hopefully this will wear them out a bit.
my old man enjoys his cigars
straight pimpin' 1985 style #tbt
the Zoolander ant farm my boy got for his birthday.
gettin' some rubbins #pigstagram
ready for sportsball #pigstagram
struttin' #pigstagram
guys, sarcasmically made BBQ  pulled pork stuffed potatoes. because she's amazing.
facesnuggle due to the storm #pigstagram
blanket nap #pigstagram
lawn service #pigstagram
after senior prom. I believe I had just smoked my weight in pot and drank half a fifth of whiskey, if memory serves right. #tbt
looks legit
FaceFace, the hobo. this little princess starts kindergarten tomorrow.
it says
me and Muppet Burt #bestgiftever
Littleman's work at last night's Lego party. no help from me. not bad for just turning 6.
tough livin' #pigstagram
...and we're done
let's go
it even comes with instructions!
me and Littleman having a Lego party. as you do.
this is basically what my bachelor life looks like.
looks like my plans have been made for tonight
so...how many of your spouses have gotten you a FUCKIN BURT REYNOLDS MUPPET? what? none? just mine?
she likes a clean edge #pigstagram
flexible, and no fucks given.
she nudged me into my recliner for snuggles #pigstagram
so mikemcalister sends me coffee with a pseudo love note. I'm gonna assume the hearts are for the coffee.
someone got a game ball yesterday. hasn't let go of it since.
Rays aren't playing well, but we're having fun.
baseball for birthday
christening my new wpengine pint glass the only way I know how: coffee
snuggles after surgery #pigstagram
behind bars #pigstagram
lookin for leftovers #pigstagram
Popsicle thief #pigstagram
so FaceFace drew a picture of Daisy. Daisy is peeing. ART.
finally cleaning out the graveyard. so much old shit.
diabetes never tasted so good
look who fell asleep together watching Ghost Hunters #pigstagram
sunpig #pigstagram
Daisy is in heat #pigstagram
always bringing your A game, Publix.
not a bad view in DC
all legit and shit
it's a hard pig life #pigstagram
I am Daisy, mower (and destroyer) of lawns #pigstagram
yes, my pig has her own ball pit. don't be jealous. #pigstagram
doctors office. apparently my cough doesn't sound pleasant.
they love their mamma
caught someone suitcase nappin' #pigstagram
guess who's home! #pigstagram
proof that yes, I am capable of relaxing.
and here we have sarcasmically being VACATION AS FUCK
god damn this stuff is delicious.
she's basically an infant #pigstagram
iced coffee in a mason jar. its summertime, folks.
actual progress made!!
nappin' #pigstagram
Daisy does not like storms #pigstagram
pre-k graduation day
Daisy made a pigfort
pig belly rubs #FTW
not gonna lie, #pigsnuggle is awesome
I am in charge of snuggling with the pig after dinner. #lovehome
no...YOU just bought a pound of caffeinated mints.
piggle lovin'
Moose says
I'm actually trying this. FOR SCIENCE
I've owned this coffee mug for almost 20 years. and its still awesome.
that cannot be comfortable.
pig chillin' with sarcasmically
more pig napping
Daisy and Penny are nap friends
straight chillin' poolside.
yes, that's wallpaper behind wallpaper. because FUCK GOD DAMN
still get excited about cereal toys
morning pigsnuggle
breakfast with the boy
pretty excited to try this. thanks phillian !
everyone gets a rub!
her kingdom
her kingdom
demo is getting there.
demo is getting there.
yeah. I just upped my game.
pig nap
had to take a pig break.
pig nap!
Daisy sunbathes
look who became nap friends!
holy shit she's beautiful
roach crawled into the candle wax when it was hot. then died. dumbass.
helping daddy work
Mamma and her snugglepig
checking out the bedding options
I have a lap pig. I am a guy who has a lap pig
post-Lego cartoon time
the brilliance of rstevens333 is fueling my day
that Moose. always sleeping.
the meat. this was delicious
monkey piñata
and here is sarcasmically in full BBQ mode
there is just something sexy about a smoker full of ribs
setting up the gravillion all proper
tough life, that Moose has.
they still fuckin' got it.
this. is. happening.
post knee scrape cartoon therapy
first of many scrapes in the bike riding
someone is upset that he has to eat his dinner.
Moose on shag
no training wheels LIKE A BOSS
testing (ignore) #NorcrossTest
and a #NorcrossTest from instagram
and the finished product. ITS RIB TIME
making magic happen
sarcasmically posing for my new Tumblr
we're both waking up
a well traveled man
my only real goal for 2013: get this running
firewood made of coffee. because I am dedicated.
this. is. happening.
house is finally starting to come together
morning java
I have a Lego mug. you argument is invalid.
of all the wallpaper in the house, this is the most amazing
my favorite part. getting ready to thrash the RV
ready to redneck
this is sarcasmically's post-move face.

still hotter than hell.
Norcross Command Center™ v4 is coming along nicely
guys, sarcasmically is a regular Speed Racer
chocolate dipped frozen Key Lime Pie IS HAPPENING!
plane ride down to the Keys
true statement is true.
caught sarcasmically in a rare, relaxed southern moment
morning meh
new dog is a foot dog.
we are now a dual-dog family. say hello to Penny.
yes. yes I am.
possessed Moose
Nexus camera. Tolerable.
Moose been huntin naps this mornin
bringing in 2013 right
shark attack
I wonder how this did in the theaters. it had a guy from Charles In Charge!
apparently we no longer keep adult band-aids in the house anymore.
cookie time
that's how the internet gets made, kids.
my dad got the kids a chocolate MRSA fountain. bold power troll move.
solving the world's problems. or eating a donut.
reason 334729204 why sarcasmically is the most amazing ever
Lego jams for the boys. they've been quiet for almost an hour now.
ridin in style
devouring his Christmas bread
a very Lego Christmas
surrounded by gifts
blinded by the stuff
spoiled fucking rotten, they are.
Christmas Eve snuggles
FaceFace droppin knowledge at the diner
Saturday night code test
birthday weekend coming to a close.
winding down after a day at Universal
thanks to chrislema, I've graduated to full baller status
chatting with The Captain
my boo
someone is pleased to be here
birthday card for sister
princess party
just a boy and his green beans.
from the roof of RavenTools
Moose is sad to see me leave.
she's crafty. and it happens that she's also my type.
and we're done. new hand tattoo is...well...awesome
mug mug mug
and so it begins
Moose is an excellent Jenga player
this is our Christmas tree angel. there are many like it, but this one is mine.
today's coffee consumption vessel. (zippo for context)
his life does not suck
silly child is silly
TV time
this is happening in my life
new mug courtesy of betthearm because he's nice like that
this cuteness courtesy of alphabet_junkie
behaving rather well, considering her brother is sick and thus getting all the attention
napper dog
she's a natural baby holder.
RJ Reynolds is in the holiday spirit.
she's not stoned, I swear.
holy shit I'm gonna own this.
bonin' Moose
guys, sarcasmically is a delicate flower.
hey good lookin
my little patient for today. littleman is a puke factory today.
I am a good parent
lets all be honest here. Moose has final say over where he sleeps.
homeboy's workin HARD.
this face is gonna thrash me
this is sarcasmically 's pre-RIB DESTRUCTION face
this is happening. today.
cool guy is cool
zombie gnomes? yes.
a true coffee fan grows their own. ya know, in case of the apocalypse
this better be the only woody my boy is smiling about for years
my lovely genius wife
Bart is moving in on sarcasmically
one of them is clearly stoned.
kickin ass with some DOOM
with accomplice
the crew
busted Gramps swiping some of the kids food.
kickin it with Abe
lounge Moose
my piglet niece
heading home from #wpcs in Tybee. ready for my family and my bed. 5 hours to go.
a Cuban coffee stash for dremeda
guys. sarcasmically made ROFFles this morning. cinnamon rolls made into waffles. AMAZING
so dremeda thought I was kidding when I said my dad's humidor was a China cabinet
readin boys
picture day
sniffin for kid leftovers
mini golf at 9 am. family life FTW
this dog does not understand struggle. not. one. bit.
faces. we make'em
they're playing
GPOY: cruisin edition
well played, Monday
waiting for the small person to drop food.
this is some good shit.
and no fucks were given
yes. yes I will. thanks markjaquith!
well played, Howard Ave.
fruit roll-up PBJ wraps. MIND IS BLOWN
dare I say it? en fuego
I'm an excellent driver
a schooner IS a sailboat
that's entertainment
cartoons before school.
coffee friends
this is happening
someone's ready
Moose snuggle
in which my lovely wife sarcasmically vamps it up
cool enough for school
Star Wars robe with Spongebob pants. of course.
my child boxed herself. because why not.
tough life
disco never died
bustin' a move
well, that escalated quickly
the gang
flower power
tough life, that Moose.
so sarcasmically and I got new clothes. guess which one belongs to who.
silly girls
mohawk town
my awesome lunch date
dog heaven
from the archives...sibling love.
30 seconds ago, he was proclaiming how not tired he was.
sideview moose
getting the snide eye. I get that a lot.
I leave the house for 1 HOUR and this is what I come home to.
school daze
wait Daddy, I have to finish my snake
Lorax dance party
uncle heathenlife is a regular maypole
birthday girl
FaceFace decided that the lower case
yes, that's an autographed photo of Burt Reynolds in my office
geez Daddy, I'm a big boy now.
first day.
duck butt
cannot. sit. still.
my 5 year old built this. by himself. there is no doubt that he's my boy
coding buddy
best thing about having coworkers? GIFTS. blueglass is good people
Sad Moose is sad. He misses sarcasmically.
ready for a fight
finally finished!