The Personal PhotoPage Theme

Sharing photos has become commonplace now, with services such as Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, and TwitPic…

..wait, didn’t TwitPic just get say something about allowing them to sell your images? Oh yeah.

PhotoPage Theme

One night a few months ago I couldn’t sleep (surprise, surprise) and decided to make a theme for hosting images of my son, Cash. That theme was based on Thesis. I had planned on distributing it at some point, but work (and life) got in the way. Now with this recent news and uncertainty, I’ve decided to build this as a stand-alone theme.

So for $10 (and whatever hosting you already have) you can have your own photo site. No weird TOS to look at, no one slapping ads on it, and best yet, no one deciding to sell your stuff.


  • Pulls image from inside post editor – no custom fields necessary
  • Image sizes are customizable using the built-in WP media settings
  • Integrated FancyBox for full-size image pop-ups
  • Option right-click-save disabling of images.

Want to see a demo? Here ya go.