More De Palma, Less Fellini

Norcross Jul 27th, 2008General Ramblings

(First off, my apologizes for the lack of posting. For what it’s worth, I do have a few drafts written up. Life has been hectic, what can I say)
Recently, I’ve been interviewing people (along with my boss) for the second Investment Officer position in my department. Since the gal we hired decided to leave (blamed commute and gas prices), we’re back to where we were 6 months ago. Which, all in all, isn’t that big of a deal. But the big part for me has been learning how to interview, and getting feedback from my boss about questions, responses, etc. It’s been quite the experience, to say the least. Given that my boss and I have more of a friendship / mentor relationship that an employer / employee relationship, I really do value his opinions and feedback. Holly over at WorkLoveLife has begun to blog about being accountable in the various aspects of her life. It’s quite an ambitious goal, given the transparency that the internet can either give, or hide. But I admire it. For me, I have quite a few people I’m held accountable to. As a former boss put it, I have a “board of directors” in my life. Every successful business has one, why not a successful life? Here’s mine:

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