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Norcross Apr 11th, 2012General Ramblings

I used to be able to keep up with the news fairly easily. Between twitter and RSS, not much got by me. If it was important, I’d be hard pressed to not see it on the ‘ol Twits.

But then something happened. Let’s call it “life”.

You see, I’m a very busy man. Between my actual job, my freelance work, and my family, I have between 12 and 14 minutes a day of “free” time. Which, if I’m not careful, can get easily taken by something shiny. Time for a newspaper? HA. I haven’t opened my Google Reader in at least 18 months. I don’t keep twitter open much during the day while I’m working. I found myself missing out on just about everything that wasn’t HUGE BREAKING NEWS, and even then I was usually behind. And I don’t like not knowing what’s going on. I grew up reading the newspaper every morning, probably starting at the age of 9 or 10. And not just the comics. When I don’t know what is happening, I feel out of touch.

Enter NextDraft

I found this completely by accident. While I’d seen the man behind the goods (Dave Pell) on twitter, I wasn’t actually following him. So how the heck did I find this treasure chest of information? Freelance work, funny enough.

I saw Sam Spratt (an AMAZING artist) tweet about needing someone for a quick web dev build. He had been commissioned to design the new landing page for Dave. And after a few emails, I had been hired to build it. No big deal, it’s a landing page, right?

Well, as I’m sure y’all would agree, it’s the sexiest landing page I’ve ever laid eyes on. And while in the process of building it out, I signed up, if for no other reason than to test the subscription process and make sure everything was working as it should. You see, I hate newsletters. HATE. Prior to NextDraft, I was subscribed to all of 3 newsletters, and one of them was my own. My email is unmanagable by itself, so I didn’t need to add to it. But I signed up, tested the process, and pretty much forgot about it.

Then a funny thing happened. It arrived, and I read it. I mean, I read the entire thing. And clicked through to the news articles he put in there. It’s a great resource, since he not only gives a few articles daily to read, but gives a witty summary so I know what the heck I’m looking it. Because blind links bother me.

So….why am I writing this? Because I like to share. He ain’t paying me at all. Heck, he doesn’t even know I’m writing this. But the fact that he puts so much effort into this on a daily basis, and that it’s free, I see no reason whatsoever why someone wouldn’t want to get in on the action.

So head on over to NextDraft and, as Dave would say, give your inbox some awesome.

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