Keep On Walking

Norcross Jun 10th, 2013Working Man

Cash Money SlothFor almost two years now, I’ve had a “day gig” in addition to running my business, Reaktiv Studios. And its been pretty nice. Having benefits, a solid team of people to compliment your skill set, and (usually) clear project scope was great to have, especially when having a family at home.

But I never stopped doing my own thing. Even when I tried, I still had a lot of long term clients and a lot of referrals. So Reaktiv kept growing, even in spite of its “part time” designation. My lovely wife took over the project management and primary client interaction. We brought on second developer and a designer. I began building some premium plugins back in January that are almost ready to release (a more formal announcement coming soon). While all of this was happening, WordPress popularity was exploding. As you can imagine, something had to give.

I’ve put over 5 years into my business. A lot of late nights, forgoing social events, and enough coffee to kill a normal human. I simply couldn’t just give that up. So I’m excited (and a bit nervous) to announce that Reaktiv Studios is back in full swing. A new site design is coming, along with a new focus. While we will still be building custom themes, our service offerings are expanding to include custom plugin development, existing site audits, and the previously mentioned premium plugins. I’ll also be moving support for my existing free plugins to a paid model, since it has become nearly impossible to keep up otherwise.

Next week, I’m taking my family on a 7 day cruise, completely “unplugging” from the web. No phones, no internet, just time to relax.

I have absolutely no idea where this will lead me. More late nights (at least in the short term) and more coffee. I’ll probably make some mistakes along the way. Hell, I may even write on this blog some more. But whatever does happen, I can sleep knowing I’m giving it everything I’ve got.

I mean, if not now, when?

update the outpouring of congratulations and support has been amazing. y’all are alright in my book.

13 Responses to “Keep On Walking”

  1. Robert

    Badass shit will be manufactured, without a doubt. Good luck man, let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. Sean Davis

    First of all, I didn’t know you said more than 140 characters at a time… so that’s a nice surprise.

    Secondly, I’m mad interested in learning from you in the non-coding stuff. I had no idea Reaktiv Studios existed. I’m excited to watch it grow even more.

    Lastly, would you rather own a sloth or a pig?

    • Norcross

      Well, written word over 140 characters for me is a rarity, so enjoy it 🙂

      Reaktiv has always been here, I just never really pushed it. Between the job, retainer clients, and WOM referrals, I never really needed to. So some of this will be new for me.

      And as for the animal selections, sloths look cute as hell. And from what I’ve read, they’re pretty awesome as pets. But Daisy is awesome as well, so I’ll pick…both.

  3. Hawkins

    Seriously stoked for you, brother! Glad to hear things are going well. I’ll happily send clients your direction now that I know you’re back in biz and ready to kick ass.

  4. Nickie OBrien

    This is the best thing ever. Im happy for you and even a bit proud to see people I respect ,do what they do best. Looking forward to seeing what its all about and have a hella good vacation!!

  5. Kraft

    Very awesome, good sir. Excited for you and looking forward to seeing the incredible!

  6. Remkus

    Great new! Nothing beats rocking your own business. Even if the boss is an asshole (though I met the guy last year and he seemed alright to me).