I bought my first tie today.

Norcross Oct 14th, 2009General Ramblings

The only ties I have ever owned were given to me by my dad. They look good, don’t get me wrong. The man is reasonably classy and has good tastes. I mean, at least we have similar tastes. He went to prep school and gets his fashion sense from that. I did not go to prep school, but looked up to him because he was the only non freak show in my life. As such, I follow in his fashion footsteps. In fairness though, my full Windsor is still pretty mediocre. What can I say? Like most Americans my age, I too will probably not be doing better than my parents.

But it’s not for lack of trying….

Or is it?

I incessantly worry over what the future economic prospects will hold for my generation, and most importantly, I can’t quite figure out where I fit in it all.¬† Some days I feel like I have a lot of people beaten. Others, I feel like I’m going nowhere. I’m just not sure if I’m giving it my all. But, then again, sometimes I think I am and the opportunities just aren’t there. I’m sure this is a constant worry for many, but I’m particularly concerned because I often worry about what I perceive to be compounding results.

My primary concern with compoundingresults is that if you don’t get super ahead now, are you only that much more behind over time? I keep thinking of it like it’s the natural log or something. There’s a continuous growth rate necessary for success and if you don’t get a jump on it, those who got a better break than you a little earlier on will fucking trounce you. And on top of that, any mistakes and set backs will be that much more¬† detrimental as well.

Basically, does anyone know where I can make a bunch of money so that I can pay my student loans off quickly?

No comments about the horrors of student loans. I am in no mood to be more bummed.



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