Goodbye Palin

Norcross Jul 5th, 2009General Ramblings

While I could certainly say a lot about my opinions regarding Sarah Palin’s abrupt resignation, I’ll keep it to myself. However, my friend Matt said something that I feel needs to be shared:

Also, I just want to make a point about her crazy speech about quitting. She made an analogy about being like a point guard who knows when to pass the ball, instead of trying to always score, which is why she’s quitting. Um, as a very big basketball fan and someone who’s taken and passed a few college Literature classes, I really resent the analogy. If she really were the point guard, which you could argue as governor is the case, then the issue of passing the ball or scoring yourself is not comparable to quitting your job. If you pass the ball, you’re still in the game. Taking yourself out of a game is not being an effective point guard, that’s being an asshole.

Well said my friend.

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