So Yeah, I Deleted Facebook

Over the weekend, I did what some would consider social media suicide. I deleted Facebook. You know, the place where EVERYONE is and EVERYONE needs to be. That one. Gone. Deleted. Goodbye. And not simply deactivating, but actually deleting the damn thing. It took a while to actually find how to do it, since they […]

Norcross Apr 26th, 2010General Ramblings

It’s called a spine. You might want to use it

Like a lot of folks, I’m finally recovering from attending the South by Southwest Interactive conference. It was great to finally meet a lot of the folks that I’ve gotten to know on-line over the last few years in person, and meet a few more folks that I seem to have a lot in common […]

Norcross Mar 26th, 2010General Ramblings

Give Me Failure, or Give Me Death

Coming in under the wire, this is my contribution to Holly’s Mentor Roundtables post Have you failed in life? No? Then you have nothing to teach me. It’s just that simple. In my life and my career, the biggest gains in my life have come from the result of a huge, drastic failure. Failure to […]

Norcross Mar 2nd, 2010General Ramblings

You Aren’t Qualified

So stop writing like you are. We’ve all seen the posts. A list for this, a top-ten for that, a how-to about everything and anything. You’ll usually get some comments saying how great the advice is, or how it’s timely to that person’s situation at that given moment, or maybe it reminds them of something […]

Norcross Feb 23rd, 2010General Ramblings