Plugin Contest!

Plugin Contest!

Remember when you used to code for fun? Before it was a job? Well, Joe Hall and I are doing just that. And y’all win.

Norcross Mar 29th, 2012Code Jams

It’s Not Selling Out, It’s Buying In

Ever seen the movie SLC Punk? Besides having a kick-ass soundtrack of solid 80’s punk and a good look at what happens when one ingests too much acid at once, there’s a strong story about growing up and what each person faces. It’s somewhat ironic that the movie came out the year I graduated high […]

Norcross Dec 2nd, 2011General Ramblings

Playing the percentages, living in the margins

I should be occupying my bed right now instead of writing this post. Over these last few weeks, I’ve been paying close attention to the whole “Occupy Wall Street” movement, and personally I’m rather torn on the issue. I’ve stayed out of the various online debates I’ve seen, mainly because 140 characters isn’t the place […]

Norcross Oct 21st, 2011General Ramblings

So It Goes

I’ve always considered death to be the great equalizer. Regardless of who you are, your background, income, social status, etc. you will eventually die. This morning, one of those people was my grandfather Norman. While I usually use this blog as a forum to piss and rant about things that, while interesting, aren’t really relevant […]

Norcross Jul 18th, 2011General Ramblings