More De Palma, Less Fellini

(First off, my apologizes for the lack of posting. For what it’s worth, I do have a few drafts written up. Life has been hectic, what can I say) Recently, I’ve been interviewing people (along with my boss) for the second Investment Officer position in my department. Since the gal we hired decided to leave […]

Norcross Jul 27th, 2008General Ramblings

Heresy, Hypocrisy, and Revenge

most recent tattoo last week. It’s a big one. It’s my 7th. I started getting tattoo’d when I was 20, and I’ve never really looked back. I’ve had pieces in magazines, placed in contests, and had internationally known artists work on me. Then I read this article. Basically, according to Mr. Carpenter, I am a […]

Norcross Jun 28th, 2008General Ramblings

Spring Break 1899

Norcross Jun 17th, 2008General Ramblings